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"The professional staff at Fagron is top-notch! The pharmacist is always helpful and courteous. I highly recommend Fagron."

Chris Bordon, PharmD

Borden Family Pharmacy

"I am so grateful for the help we receive from FACTS. We use it for guidance on new and problem formulations as well as regulations, which has been very helpful with the new guidelines coming down. We always get a quick response, and they not only save us so much time searching through endless available information but will help us understand it as well. They are specific with their answers and can almost always provide specific resources or citations for them or a sound reason for their guidance, if not. I highly recommend utilizing this service."

LeAnn Chambers, PIC

Madison Medical Compounding Pharmacy

"I own a community pharmacy in which we fill traditional prescriptions and do some compounding as well. Since my primary business is not compounding, I frequently need to talk with people who are experts. The team of compounding consultants at Fagron have been invaluable to my compounding business. I cannot compliment them enough on their knowledge and their customer service!"

David Bagot

Petersburg Pharmacy

"I am a 503a Non-Sterile Compounder with ten years of experience. When I first started on at my pharmacy, we used a key player in the industry for their clinical services. Then, I woke up one day and it cost an arm and a leg and I went searching for something new. I started with a competitor formula support. I found their formulas to be rather cumbersome as well as their support staff to be not only slow to respond but also unfriendly in general. I finally landed at Fagron and have been beyond satisfied with the service and pricing. Sarah, Rod, Jim, and Lisa have all reached out to me and are very responsive. I usually get most of my questions responded to within 20-30 minutes tops. Depending on the inquiry, I usually get a very detailed response with the info I need. I double check myself constantly with new compounds and the staff is always very helpful at alleviating concerns I may have on base compatibility, pH issues, stability questions, salt conversions etc. Sarah has even offered to test something I was trying to make in the lab for me when I was having an issue with something falling out of solution. I really cannot speak highly enough of this service. The price points are fair for the various service packages. I was able to match the level of support with my experience without breaking the bank. The formula database is very good with easy-to-read formatting. Don’t waste your time with the other guys like I did! Start here.”

Tyler Shinabery PharmD

Custom Compounding Center

"Jim, Rod and the gang have been nothing short of helpful, professional and caring. Jim in particular was super helpful in the arranging of our 800 non sterile room. They respond quickly when they are unavailable. I look forward to using more of their services when needed."

Randall Allen, Pharm D

Allenhill Pharmacy

"I have learned that I can rely on the FACTS team for any compounding advice that I need. It can be as complex as working with an H-VAC company in the design of a negative-pressure lab, helping with a formula or recommending an appropriate base, they never disappoint in giving sound advice. I highly recommend this service"

Ward Brister, President

H & W Compounding

"I just want to say how excited I am about this merger. I have been a Letco customer for around 5 years, both as an employee and as an account holder. I have worked with 3 persons mostly. They are James Mathias, Rod and John Gerhing. All three have made my compounding experience both easy and enjoyable. James has been my go to person for that entire time. He has answered every question on what to do and has even included with what not to do. Rod also took care of my support needs in my early days of making more compound. Finally, John has always placed my orders promptly and completely. I own a traditional pharmacy, with non-sterile compounding and a special pet med focus. Anyway, I will continue with Fagron and anticipate growth in purchases and sells."

Samual John Arzumanian

WeCare Pharmacy

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