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Our Faculty

Sarah Talyor

Sarah Talyor attended undergrad at St. Olaf College in Northfield where she majored in chemistry and worked in a lab synthesizing dendrimers for possible use as pharmaceutical delivery molecules. It was there that she first developed an interest in pharmacy. She graduated from St. Olaf and pursued her interest in pharmacy at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. During school, she began working at a compounding pharmacy utilizing her chemistry and pharmacy background to develop formulas for a myriad of pharmaceutical dosage forms and applications. After graduation, she continued to work at the compounding pharmacy for a total of 5 years. She uses this experience to help with her current position as Pharmacy Technical Consultant at Fagron. Her favorite types of compounds to make include tablet triturates and gummies.

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Rod Haselhorst

Rod Haselhorst is a 1997 graduate of St. Louis College of Pharmacy and worked at BJC HealthCare while he was in pharmacy school. It was during this time at BJC that his fondness for compounding began. He has been directly involved in compounding pharmacy for almost 20 years, as an employee and owner of a compounding pharmacy and now his capacity with Fagron. He enjoys being able to interact with compounders of all levels on a daily basis. Whether it is assisting with problematic formulations, interpreting USP/FDA regulations or consulting with them on growing their business, he enjoys learning about their business as well as sharing his experiences with them. He is married and has three children, ages 14, 12, and 10. He and his wife stay very busy shuttling their kids to sports and school extracurriculars. They enjoy snow skiing and hiking in the Colorado mountains as well as an annual beach vacation in the summer.

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Lisa Bird

Lisa Bird attended undergrad at University of Texas where she studied biochemistry. During that time, she worked at a retail pharmacy as a technician, and eventually moved up to working at a community compounding pharmacy. There she fell in love with compounding and her passion grew every day. This passion and experience in compounding helped Lisa find her current position here at Fagron. When Lisa is not using her compounding and chemistry knowledge to develop formulas at Fagron, she enjoys gardening and aquarium keeping. Her favorite types of compounds to make are Veterinary Treats and Lollipops!

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Meghan Stevenson

Meghan Stevenson studied Biology and Chemistry at Athens State University. During this time Meghan worked retail pharmacy as a certified pharmacy technician then proceeded to become lab director for a compounding pharmacy in her hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. Her responsibilities included daily operations, quality control, formulation development, and training 4th year pharmacy students during rotations. After 9 years of retail pharmacy, Meghan made the move to Letco Medical where she has been a part of the compounding support staff for over 10 years. Outside of work, Meghan enjoys traveling with her husband and two children.

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Clark Zander

Clark Zander received his BS Degrees in Biology and Secondary Education from Concordia College, at Moorhead, Minnesota in 1988.  He entered the world of pharmaceutical compounding quickly and has remained a vital participant in the development of innovative compounding components ever since.  Clark's long-term experience working intimately with pharmacists to recognize and repair the concerns of their patients has driven his development of vehicles that benefit those preparing and using compounded medications through development of specialized creams, in particular.  He has also worked with multiple manufacturers to inform the development of compounding equipment so that the needs of the compounding pharmacist are met.

Clark's, expertise has recently been leveraged to support a growing global interest in compounding practices.  Through research and intimate knowledge of actual practice challenges, Clark has been instrumental in raising the bar for compounding vehicles to ensure that they are free from objectionable ingredients while maintaining their reliability, ease-of-use and stability.  He brings exceptional problem-solving experience to individuals participating in the practical knowledge provided by Fagron Acedemy training programs.

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Jim Matthias

Jim Matthias attended undergraduate studies at the University of Arkansas majoring in Chemistry. Jim left the University of Arkansas and joined the United States Army. During his service he attended the Academy of Health Sciences at Brooks Army hospital to study Pharmacy practice. Once discharged Jim was attached to 810 Station Hospital in the Army Reserves, Camp Robinson, North Little Rock AR. In 1989 Jim began working at Arkansas Children's Hospital as a lead Pharmacy Technician. In 1993 he became an owner of a Compounding Pharmacy. The Pharmacy was a compounding only lab that specialized in HRT and sterile compounding. Jim joined Letco Medical in 2011 as a Senior Compounding Specialist. Jim has 2 boys, enjoys hunting, fishing, cooking and traveling with his wife. He is an avid sports fan, Cowboy's, Longhorns, and the Razorbacks. Jim's favorite compounds are anything sterile.

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