How to Implement TrichoTest™ into your Clinical Practice

Brought to you by Fagron Genomics US. Participate in this exclusive opportunity and gain insights into the complex genetic factors that influence hair loss. Engage in the study of real-world case studies led by Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein, showcasing the central role of TrichoTest™ in identifying genetic contributors to hair loss while offering key guidance for forming tailored treatment strategies. Special TrichoTest™ Offer for Webinar Registrants! You will... + Uncover how genetic insights guide the selection of personalized medicine. + Explore the interaction between genetics, medication effectiveness, and patient well-being. + Walk away with the expertise to harness genetic data for tailored, effective treatments. Your questions answered including: + How does TrichoTest™ transform genetic insights into personalized medicine selection for hair loss treatment? + What steps will help providers become more comfortable with compounding medications, especially in terms of concentration and mechanism of action, as suggested by the TrichoTest™ insights? + How does TrichoTest™ factor in the individual variations in response to therapies when suggesting treatments?
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