New Study on Weightloss & Genetics

Priscila Arbex, Ph.D
Director of Clinical Affairs GX Sciences – a Fagron company
November 21, 2023

Exciting news from our Fagron team of educators; An insightful research article, featuring our Director of Clinical Affairs, Priscila Arbex, alongside other members of the Fagron team- Gustavo Torres, Carolina Costa Vicente Silva, Laura Vila, and Valentina Russo, is now available in the Nutrition section of Frontiers!


The study explores genetics and nutrition, specifically touching on the complex ties between genetics and obesity. Recent genomic advances have identified key single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in genes like FTO, MCM6, HLA, and MC4R, all linked to obesity. With a focus on a multi-ethnic population, the research aimed to assess the correlation of 102 SNPs with BMI and weight loss treatment response.


The analysis involved 9,372 patients in dataset A, exploring the correlation between SNPs and BMI. Dataset B, featuring 474 patients undergoing various treatments, examined the link between SNPs and weight loss. The study further categorized patients in dataset B based on intervention type: dietary therapy, intragastrical balloon procedures, or surgeries.

Please read more about the study here:

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Priscila Arbex, Ph.D
Director of Clinical Affairs GX Sciences – a Fagron company

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