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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the change?

Our goal is to create a service that is accessible not only to large pharmacies, but also to small pharmacies looking to grow their book of business. The $5,000 lower limit (or $1,200 yearly fee) of our previous model was prohibitive to new pharmacies and a small monthly fee model allows for these pharmacies to get the help they need without having to meet high minimums. Two tiers were created to make some service accessible to all pharmacies, even those just starting out. A higher tier was created for pharmacies looking for a service to provide more educational resources, as well as marketing and development assistance.

Will my service automatically transfer over?

No, given the new method of billing for FACTS and the fact that members may want to evaluate the appropriate tier for them, FACTS membership is not being transferred over automatically. During the month of February, we will ask members to sign a new contract effective beginning in March. Members who sign onto the new contract will not see a gap in service or access to the Fagron Academy website. For all members who do not re-sign up, access to the Fagron Academy website will end at the beginning of March.